Las Vegas Powered Paragliding

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Are you interested in flying Paramotors? Hi, my name is Ray Walker, I am a USPPA Instructor in Las Vegas, Nevada. I follow the USPPA syllabus when training students to make sure I provide thorough training. We cover :


Regulations and sectional charts.

Wing care, layout, forward & reverse kiting.

Hang test on the simulator.

Power off kiting and lastly Motor on kiting before your first flight! Usually around day 4 of training.

The course is typically 7-10 days but this is lifetime training. I am here if you need help after training or want to earn your PPG3 rating.

Please be aware, Paramotoring is a physically demanding sport. Foot Launching requires the ability to run with 60+lbs on your back, training will be exhausting when winds are light and you have to run to keep the wing inflated. As you gain more experience it does get easier, but be ready for a workout!

Also please consider the risk involved. With paramotoring we only fly early morning ( First 3 hours +/- after sunrise ) and late evening (1 maybe 2 hours before sunset). This is especially important in this part of the country where thermals are sharp and dangerous to us. There are exceptions to this rule but around Las Vegas, this is something you should be aware of if you’re interested in flying here. On average we get over 15 flyable days every month here in Las Vegas. We have plenty of good days to fly in, don’t risk flying in nasty air!


Training on my gear $2,500 (Parajet Maverick Moster 185 & Ozone Roadster or Dudek Universal)

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