Las Vegas Powered Paragliding

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Location : Training is done at the El Dorado dry lake bed, 30 minutes south of the Las Vegas Strip. With miles of smooth flat dirt, there is simply no safer location to train.

Learn to forward & reverse kite, wing care and layout.

Mobile Hangtest / Simulator : The mobile hang test will be brought out around day 2 to perform a hang test, and allow the student to simulate flight, practice throttle control, turning, and what will happen in the actual flight.

Day 2 we start using the motor. Practice throttle control, walking and running while under power.

Day 2 or 3, optional tandem trike flight. Learn to manage motor torque, oscillations, spot landing techniques.

Day 4 First flight! You will be guided into your first flight with radio communication.

Day 5-7 More flying! Time to practice landings, touch and goes, and spot landing.

After kiting sessions we will cover Airspace, Regulations, Motor Maintenance, Wing care and Weather.

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